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XL Ficus Moclame (1,9m)

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Impressive in size and density of foliage, Ficus Moclame is an ideal choice for any indoor or outdoor space to acquire a plant that resembles and is in fact a beautiful small tree.

It is a plant with slow but steady growth. However, it impresses with its vibrant foliage that creates rich volumes of greenery.

Originally from South-East Asia and South America, the monclame fig is ideal for decorating large indoor spaces with its eccentric character and special aesthetic. Its small all-round leaves that grow symmetrically in a circular arrangement around its central trunk give a sense of absolute geometry and exude an extreme minimalism.

 Due to its appearance it does not need pruning to maintain its original beautiful shape, Monclame seeks places with indirect lighting, protected, with a constant temperature of not less than 15 degrees Celsius throughout the year.In the warm weather months, it can be moved to outside bright spaces, which are however effectively covered from the strong sun and strong wind.

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