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Fig Lyrata

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The lyrata fig is a tropical ornamental plant with wonderful foliage that is most often found as an indoor plant in living rooms and offices, but we can plant it in the garden and on the balcony!

The lyrata fig impresses with its huge, leathery, violin-like green leaves that are 20-30 cm long and 10-20 cm wide. It is a beautiful indoor plant that stands out for its simplicity and in recent years has gained more and more fanatical fans, making it one of the most popular plants found in homes and commercial spaces.

The lyrata fig, as well as the benjamin fig, belong to the same family as the mulberry and the fig. It has very fast growth and can reach two meters in a pot over time.

Let's see in detail what care the fig tree needs in order to grow and enjoy its wonderful green foliage.

In what conditions does the lyrata fig thrive?

The lyrata fig needs a warm environment to thrive. If relatively cold winters prevail in our area, it is better to place it inside the house. The lyrata fig is sensitive to severe winter frosts and strong north winds. For planting the lyrata fig outdoors, we choose sunny or semi-shady positions, relatively sheltered from strong winds. It prefers soils of medium texture that ensure good drainage to remove water. If we plant the lyrata fig in a pot, we prefer sheltered spots on a south or west facing balcony.

In an indoor environment, the lyrata fig needs enough light to be able to grow. We place the lyrata fig, therefore, in a bright spot that does not come into direct contact with the sun's rays so that its leaves do not get burned. As a tropical plant, it needs to grow in an environment with enough humidity and it is good to avoid having it near heaters or in rooms with dehumidifiers.

How often does lyrata fig need watering?

The lyrata fig needs careful watering to keep its foliage healthy. Both excessive watering and lack of water can cause significant problems in its growth and foliage. For lyrata ficus that we have in an outdoor environment, we water 1-2 times a week in the spring and autumn and 2-3 times a week, in the hot summer season.

What other care does the lyrata fig in a pot need?

This is a plant that needs special care to keep it healthy and green, such as rotating its pot as it grows for even growth, spraying the foliage with water for hydration, and cleaning its leaves.

– Rotating the pot of the lyrata fig

The leaves of ficus lyrata tend to turn towards the light, so if we don't rotate the pot, we see them bend to one side and have more irregular lateral growth. It is therefore necessary, once a month, to rotate the lyrata fig that we have in a pot inside the house by 180 degrees, to keep the plant straight and tall with a more balanced growth of the foliage.

– Spraying water on the foliage

The lyrata fig needs relative humidity indoors, as in a dry environment it can show drying on the edges of the leaves. During the hot summer season, it is important to spray its foliage with water using a sprayer every 1-2 days.

– Cleaning the leaves

We clean the leaves of the lyrata fig with a wet cloth at least once a month. In this way, we keep its foliage clean and shiny inside our house. At the same time, we ensure that the plant remains healthy as it absorbs moisture and nutrients through the leaves.

And one last secret about the Lyrata fig

In its natural environment, in the tropical jungles of central and western Africa, in conditions of plant competition, the lyrata fig grows its roots as an epiphyte on the trunks of other trees, absorbing nutrients and water, while at the same time its vegetation outgrows the foliage in growth of the rest of the trees to get better contact with the sun's rays.

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