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Anthurium red

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Anthurium red in a pot

The anthurium, originating from Hawaii, is an indoor plant, with exotic red or white heart-shaped flowers and in combination with the arched deep green leaves give it a wonderful image inside the house. Its flowers have a long lifespan so you can enjoy them for up to a month, while its flowering lasts almost all year long as long as it has the right conditions.


It will love a cool, light-rich or semi-shaded place, but we avoid direct contact with sunlight so as not to burn the leaves, but also places with temperature changes (e.g. balcony door).


Our plant is thirsty when the soil in the pot is almost dry. A good way of watering is to place the pot in a basin of water so that the plant absorbs as much water as it needs.

To transplant an anthurium, its roots must have almost filled the old pot. Then we will use a slightly larger pot, with pumice stone at the bottom and light soil-peat, and we will not worry if we see some of its leaves turn yellow or even fall, but we will give it time to adapt to its new conditions.

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