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-Pachyra plant with a total height of 90 cm in a white caspo-

The pakhira (or pachyra) is an impressive small tree that in recent years is often found in living rooms of homes, in offices and business premises. Although in its natural environment, the pahira exceeds 10 meters in height, indoors its height varies between 1-2 meters.

Native to Central America, the pahira has glossy pentalobe leaves and characteristically beautiful trunks (usually 3) that are intertwined. And money may not grow on trees, but the pahira is better known as the "money tree" and "good luck tree". According to feng shui, it belongs to indoor plants that enhance good luck and prosperity in homes and businesses, an ideal gift for new businesses and newly married couples.

What care does pahira need to grow?

Pahira is one of the hardiest indoor plants and needs minimal maintenance. It grows best in a bright place inside the house, where the direct rays of the sun do not hit, so as not to create burns and brown spots on the leaves. Due to its great adaptability, the pahira can also grow in a place where we have less lighting. Pahira is sensitive to low temperatures which can lead to the fall of its foliage. During the winter season, we make sure to place it away from the frosted windows, as well as from radiators.

How often does pahira need watering?

Pahira has little watering requirements, as it needs relatively little soil moisture in its soil to grow satisfactorily. Specifically, from autumn to spring, we water once a week, while in the hot summer months we make sure to water more regularly, twice a week. In hot weather conditions, we make sure to wet the leaves of the pahira every day with a sprinkler at dusk to avoid drying out of the leaves. However, excessive watering can cause yellowing and browning of the leaves.

And a secret about the pahira

The pahira is also referred to as the "Guyana chestnut" as in the tropical environment where it grows, it produces characteristic large fruits that are edible and taste like chestnuts

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