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Sansevieria in a glass case

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Sansiveria is one of the most impressive and durable indoor plants that we can decorate our living room and office.

This particular sansevieria impresses even more as it grows in a glass caspo!

Native to Africa, sansiveria is a fast-growing perennial plant that usually reaches a height of one meter, with long, narrow, pointed leaves that have a fleshy texture and water-storing properties. Due to the characteristic leaves it has, abroad it is called "snake plant", while in Greece the ingenious name "mother-in-law's tongue" has prevailed. Let's note that sometimes it also produces small white flowers, which, however, have no particular decorative value.

What conditions does sansevieria need to thrive?

Light gives life to sansiver! So we place it in a bright spot in the house so that it grows faster! It can also adapt to darker places, but there it will have a much slower growth. However, she does not like the direct rays of the sun, as they cause burns on her foliage. Like all indoor plants, we avoid placing sansiveria near heat sources, fireplaces and radiators, and we must also protect it from cold drafts and air

What watering, fertilizing and other care needs does sansiveria have?

Sansiveria has the ability to retain water in its leaves and also has a very strong root system, so its watering needs are very limited. We add water to the sansiveria pot about once a month and when the soil has dried out. If we see the leaves of the sansiveria bending downwards, we probably overwatered and we must reduce it immediately. If we don't do it in time, the sansevieria will rot and we will say goodbye to it

And let's not forget in the spring and autumn, even once, to offer the Sansevieria liquid fertilizer for indoor plants. It will definitely stimulate its growth and make its foliage shinier. However, sansiveria does not need any other care, apart from removing when necessary the dry leaves from the base of the foliage. Propagation of sansiveria is usually done by rhizomes or by division of the whole plant.

And a secret about sansiveria

Sansiveria has the ability to clean the space, filtering the air from toxins and dust. In addition, it produces oxygen during the night and absorbs carbon dioxide. In addition to the living room, therefore, it is worth placing a sansiveria in the bedroom for a more pleasant sleep, it will clean and add a pleasant note to the space.

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