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Yellow orchid

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Pale yellow or white orchid with a yellow "eye".

The orchid is one of the most impressive indoor plants that are very often found in homes, offices and professional spaces. Although many people consider the falanopsis orchid to be a sensitive plant, this is not the case!

The orchid shows great adaptability to the Greek conditions and if we follow the necessary advice for its care, we will enjoy orchids full of vitality and rich flowering.

What are the right conditions for the  orchid to grow?

We prefer a bright spot in the house for the orchid with filtered light rather than direct bright light.

Especially in the summer months, we avoid direct exposure to the sun, as it causes burns on the leaves and drying of the flowers.

Also, we place the orchid away from radiators, from cold and hot currents, as well as from windows.

The orchid is transplanted into a larger pot, usually every 2-3 years when its roots are suffocating and starting to come out. For planting the orchid, we use clay or plastic pots that have good drainage and pine bark as a substrate.

The transplanting of the orchid must be done after the end of its flowering because otherwise there is a risk that its flowers will fall.

What watering and fertilizing needs does the orchid have?

We water the orchids at regular intervals following the procedure below. Immerse the pot with the orchid in a basin of lukewarm water and leave it for a few minutes. Then, remove the orchid pot and let it drain well before placing it in a caspo.

We repeat the watering of the orchid every week, in spring and autumn, every 10 days in winter and every 5 days in hot summer days.

*Depending on availability, this particular orchid may have a pink "eye" in the center of the flower or be completely yellow or white with a crimson "eye"

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