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XL Areca Palm (1,9m)

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One of the beautiful and popular indoor green plants.

In essence, it is an elegant palm tree. It has long green branches in a palm-shaped shape.

After a few years it blooms and forms stems with fruits. Also, over the years it loses its completely green color and takes on a golden yellow color. Areca belongs to the plants that clean the atmosphere of our home.

Helpful tip: Prune the old yellow leaves growing from the base of the plant. Cutting the leaves from the top of a stem will prevent any further growth on that stem. The brown edges can be removed with a pair of scissors.

Areca is a tropical plant native to Madagascar that can decorate any interior creating an exotic atmosphere.

It will stand out in your home both for its imposing height that can reach up to 2m. as well as for its impressive foliage that falls forming a jet. This particular plant, in addition to beautifying and decorating your space by giving it a tropical feel, proves to be particularly beneficial for improving air quality. If you suffer from a cold or a runny nose, this plant will help you especially since it cleans the atmosphere inside the house and at the same time provides us with the moisture we need, especially in the winter months.


Give your plant a semi-shaded location with good ventilation as it does not do well in direct sunlight. It especially loves a humid atmosphere, so be sure to spray its foliage with water, something that will give your plant an appearance of vitality and freshness. Never leave it exposed to very low temperatures and cold air currents which can damage its foliage.


Our plant is much more thirsty in the summer months than in the winter. Usually watering once a week in winter and every 2 days in summer is enough but always check the soil to see if it is wet or dry. The plant will need a pot change every 2-3 years. We make sure to put light peat soil and pumice stone in the bottom of the pot to achieve the best possible drainage. Fertilize in the spring with a liquid fertilizer for green plants to promote its growth.

Health tips

Areca is relatively difficult to attack by enemies, the most common being the tetranych. If we see a brown color on the edges of the leaves, it is a sign that the air is too dry and it is necessary to spray the leaves of the plant with water.

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