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Guzmania in a glass case

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Gusmania in a decorative caspo with red moisture "gels", total height 25-28cm

Guzmania is one of the most impressive indoor plants that decorates homes and business premises, giving it an exotic color.

 This particular plant is potted in a decorative glass case with red moisture gels that give it a distinct image to this otherwise unique plant

Originally from South America, the guzmania is a tropical plant, a "cousin" of the pineapple and is characterized by long, narrow leaves that form a stem in the form of a bright red rosette. Some think it is the flower of the plant, however these are bracts (modified) leaves. 

Gusmania in its natural environment is an epiphyte, meaning it grows and develops on tree trunks and produces small yellow flowers. There are several species and varieties of gusmania that bear in addition to red, yellow and orange bracts.

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